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you will find that as you view weekly levels on a daily chart you sometimes will see a reason to adjust them slightly as I did in the above example. The PCB chairman said that the opening ceremony of the final was "toned down" keeping in mind the New Zealand incident. I did this because after viewing them on the daily chart it made sense to me, based on the position of the level relative to the bar highs / lows, to adjust the level slightly.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ehsan Mani on Monday said that the recent staging of eight Pakistan Super League (PSL) matches in Karachi is a sign that "PCB's credibility has hit a new.
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He also offered to share PCB's expertise on the subject. In Other TLDs, no data. "There was a suggestion that we should hold only five matches in Karachi but I rejected. It might mean you hit a couple bar highs exactly and a couple are intersected through the candles body; this. Often, you will want to draw in more of a zone of support or resistance, you can think of these as value areas on a chart; where price preferred to trade recently and consolidated or stayed at for some time. Everyone supported us and no one said that this would be too much as this was a matter of national pride.". Lets look at an example, notice on the daily chart above, Ive drawn in a new level at 184.22, I consider this a near-term level and notice it was not obvious to me on the weekly, but. Zones Another key point to remember about support and resistance, is that they often are not exact levels. Notice on the weekly chart I went back about two to three years, and on the daily about six months to one year, the 4 hour and 1 hour will typically be about 3 months of data or less. Some 200,000 came to watch these matches, and from what I believe, 150 million saw the matches. But, on occasion, there will be a level or two you want to draw in, more likely on the 4 hour than 1 hour. "It doesn't mean we should gloat.

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